For over 15 years, people have come from all over the world to make Jesus known in Ibiza

Why not become part of the story by joining a mission team in

Long Term Team

An opportunity to join us for between 2 months and 6 months and become part of community life, facilitating and leading our missional work in the West End, whilst living out the values of prayer, mission and justice in Ibiza

Community Life

You will be joining a community committed to the values of prayer, mission and justice - and the outworking of these in day to day life

Night-time Rhythm

You will be joining our night time team in San Antonio, working 3 - 4 night per week on the streets, engaging with party goers from all over the world

Day-time Rhythm

You will be leading our workers centre and various daytime activities

Short Term Team

Join us on a 12 day mission trip to the party capital of the world!

Short term teams have been coming to Ibiza for over 10 years to serve the West End in San Antonio. Hundreds of people have prayed, helped, listened, loved and blessed this place.


You will be praying in our prayer room, in the streets, on beaches, in towns and in some of the most beautiful parts of Ibiza


You will be joining in our night time mission work in the West end, and daytime outreaches on the beach.

Learning and Resting

We will learn about prayer and mission together, whilst enjoying the beauty of the island - including world famous clubs.

Prayer Team

Be part of our pre-season 5 day prayer team to prepare for the season.

Join with us as we pray and look ahead to the season, learn more about what we do as a community and enjoy the beauty of the island.

Prayer Walks

Walking and praying in significant and beautiful places across the island

Eating and Sharing Together

Spending time with each other, enjoying local Spanish food and drink


Hearing in depth about the work we do and the principles and values behind our community

Long Term Team

Dates: A minimum 8 week period between May and September 2019

Cost: dependant on length of stay. £110 (approx) per week plus living expenses – please enquire for details.

Deadline: Applications close on 28th Feb 2019

Contact us for more information:

Applications open

Short Term Team

Team 1: // 2nd June - 14th June 2019 - UK

Team 2: // 16th June - 28th June 2019 - UK

Team 3: // 30th June - 12th July 2019 - Ireland

Team 4: // 21st July - 2nd August 2019 - Ireland

Team 5: // 4th August - 16th August 2019 - Netherlands

Team 6: // 25th August - 6th September 2019 - Worldwide

Team 7: // 8th September -20th September 2019 - Worldwide

Cost: £600 - includes accommodation, main meals, and transport (Not including flights)

Deadline: Applications close on 28th February 2019

Contact us for more information:

Applications open

Prayer Team

Dates: 11th-16th April 2019

Cost: £225 - Includes accommodation, main meals and transport (Not including flights).

Deadline: Applications close on 28th February 2019

Contact us for more information:

Applications open!